Bulletin Officiel de la Propriété Industrielle (BOPI) des Brevets d'Invention

BOPI 06 BR/2023 REPERTOIRE NUMERIQUE 38 paving mixture comprising bitumen, aggregate and the said asphaltic mixture conditioner. The asphaltic mixture conditioner, used as an additive, solves problems of the prior art related to bituminous paving composition, which demand a prompt use of the asphalt compositions in situ. The additive contributes to preparation of a conditioned asphaltic paving mixture which may be storage at ambient temperature for longer periods, wherein the additive, at ambient temperature, may be added into a mix of aggregate and bitumen. Before being applied onto a surface, it is heated to a temperature range from 130 °C to 170 °C, wherein all the necessary features to properly be applied onto the surface are maintained. Fig. 1 Consulter le mémoire ________________________________________ (11) 21023 (51) A61K 31/517 (2018.01); A61P 35/00 (2018.01); C07D 239/90 (2018.01); C07D 401/12 (2018.01); C07D 403/12 (2018.01) ; C07D 405/12 (2018.01) (21) 1202200514 - PCT/IB2021/054919 (22) 04/06/2021 (30) US n° 63/036,522 du 09/06/2020; US n° 63/116,204 du 20/11/2020; US n° 63/175,655 du 16/04/2021 (54) 4-oxo-3,4-dihydroquinazolinon compounds for the treatment of BRAF-associated diseases and disorders. (72) KAHN, Dean Russell (US); LAIRD, Ellen Ruth (US); MORENO, David Austin (US); REN, Li (US); BETTENDORF Tanna Marie (US); DOERNER BARBOUR, Patrick Michael (US) et KELLUM, Alex Andrew (US) (73) ARRAY BIOPHARMA INC., 3200 Walnut Street, BOULDER, Colorado 80301 (US) (74) S.C.P AKKUM, AKKUM & Associates, n° 1777, Rue 6.261, Auditorium Jean Paul II, Quartier Mbankolo, B.P. 4966, YAOUNDE (CM). (57) Provided herein is a compound of the Formula I : or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, wherein R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7 and L are as defined herein, for the treatment of BRAFassociated diseases and disorders, including BRAF - associated tumors. Formula I & Fig. 1 Consulter le mémoire