Bulletin Officiel de la Propriété Industrielle (BOPI) des Brevets d'Invention

BOPI 09 BR/2023 REPERTOIRE NUMERIQUE 14 Fig. 2 Consulter le mémoire ________________________________________ (11) 21137 (51) F17C 13/02 (2018.01) (21) 1202200113 - PCT/GB2020/052305 (22) 23/09/2020 (30) GB n° 1913698.5 du 23/09/2019 (54) Improvements in or relating to distribution of utilities. (72) BUETTNER, Paul (GB); FEARON, Joseph Luke (GB); HOWARTH, Thomas James (GB); IRIARTE, Fabian (GB); NAZZARI, Paolo (GB); MCINNES, Kyle Stuart Reid (GB) et WILLIAMS, Richard Charles (GB) (73) BBOXX LTD, Fifth Floor, 5 New Street Square, LONDON EC4A 3BF (GB) (74) SPOOR & FISHER Inc. NGWAFOR & PARTNERS SARL, The House of Gideon, Golf/Bastos Quarter, Opposite The American Embassy, Entrance-Saint John Paul II Boulevard, B.P. 8211, YAOUNDE (CM). (57) A metering device for attaching to a container configured to store a fluid, the device comprising: a valve configured to control the amount of fluid dispensed from the container; a user interface comprising at least one control configured to operate the valve between an open position and a closed position; and a control circuit configured to set a threshold amount of the fluid to be dispensed from the container, wherein the control circuit is configured to override the user interface and close the valve when the threshold amount of fluid to be dispensed has been reached. Consulter le mémoire ________________________________________ (11) 21138 (51) C01B 32/00 (2018.01) ; D01F 9/12 (2018.01) (21) 1202200153 - PCT/CA2020/051403 (22) 19/10/2020