Bulletin Officiel de la Propriété Industrielle (BOPI) des Brevets d'Invention

BOPI 09 BR/2023 REPERTOIRE NUMERIQUE 17 (11) 21141 (51) B27M 1/00 (2018.01) (21) 1202200175 (22) 29/04/2022 (30) DE n° 10 2021 111 193.5 du 30/04/2021 (54) Method for processing the trunks of oil palms to produce wood products. (72) Dr.-lng. Stefan MÖHRINGER (German citizen) (DT) (73) MOEHRINGER PALMWOOD GMBH, Industriestrasse 1, WIESENTHEID 97353 (DE) (74) Cabinet ISIS CONSEILS (SCP), Bastos, Rue 1.862, B.P. 15067, YAOUNDE (CM). (57) The invention relates to a method for processing and utilizing the wood of oil palms such that, by means of appropriate measurements through the use of ultrasound, X-ray technology, or natural frequency measurement, the density distribution of the trunk wood is detected, and when cutting, sawing, and further processing the palm wood a distinction is made between regions of different density of the wood, so that in particular wood having a largely homogeneous density is produced and then, depending on the density of the segments of wood to be processed, the wood and wood products produced are further processed, stored, and ultimately used. Consulter le mémoire (11) 21142 (51) F16L 33/01 (2018.01) (21) 1202200206 - PCT/US2020/061612 (22) 20/11/2020 (30) US n° 62/939386 du 22/11/2019 (54) Potted pipe fitting systems and methods. (72) DHAGAT Alok (US); MATARI Nader (US) et SCOGGINS Christopher Grover (US) (73) Trinity Bay Equipment Holdings, LLC, 910 Louisiana St, Suite 4400, HOUSTON, Texas 77002 (US) (74) Cabinet ÉKÉMÉ LYSAGHT SARL, B.P. 6370, YAOUNDE (CM). (57) Techniques for implementing a pipeline system including a pipe segment and a potted pipe fitting. The pipe segment includes tubing having an internal pressure sheath layer, a reinforcement strip, and an outer sheath layer. The potted pipe fitting includes an outer fitting body disposed around a portion of the reinforcement strip, an inner fitting body disposed between the portion of the reinforcement strip and the internal pressure sheath layer, in which the inner fitting body directly abuts the internal pressure sheath layer at least up to a point where the reinforcement strip begins to flare away from the internal pressure sheath layer and a potting cavity of the potted pipe fitting is defined at least between an inner surface of the outer fitting body and an outer surface of the inner fitting body, and cured potting material implemented around the portion of the reinforcement strip in the potting cavity.