Bulletin Officiel de la Propriété Industrielle (BOPI) des Brevets d'Invention

BOPI 09 BR/2023 REPERTOIRE NUMERIQUE 24 the percentages being expressed as weight of dry matter of each of said compounds with respect to the total weight of dry matter of said organomineral composition. Consulter le mémoire ________________________________________ (11) 21154 (51) B63B 27/22 (2018.01); B63B 27/25 (2018.01); B63B 27/34 (2018.01); E02F 1/00 (2018.01); E02F 7/00 (2018.01); E02F 7/10 (2018.01) ; E21C 50/00 (2018.01) (21) 1202300003 - PCT/EP2021/069842 (22) 15/07/2021 (30) EP n° 20186178.8 du 16/07/2020 (54) Floating dewatering storage and offloading vessel. (72) GENDRON Vincent (MC); WESTHUIS Jaap-Harm (MC); FEHRSEN Mike (MC) et ZIETSMAN Cari (MC) (73) Single Buoy Moorings Inc., Route de Fribourg 5, 1723 MARLY (CH) (74) Cabinet ÉKÉMÉ LYSAGHT SARL, B.P. 6370, YAOUNDE (CM). (57) A vessel for storage and offloading of a particulates material, to be moored at an location accessible to a bulk carrier, includes storage holds, an inlet system for receiving a slurry of particulates material mixed with liquid, a drying facility connected to the inlet system for receiving a feed from the slurry and forming the particulates based material by drying the received feed, and a loader/unloader for receiving the dried particulates material from the drying facility and loading the received material into the holds and for unloading the particulates material into a bulk carrier. The drying facility is located on a topsides structure of the vessel and includes a plurality of filter presses arranged on the topsides structure and configured to operate in parallel for drying the feed, with each filter press having an entry connected to the inlet system through a slurry conduit for receiving the feed.