Bulletin Officiel de la Propriété Industrielle (BOPI) des Brevets d'Invention

BOPI 09 BR/2023 REPERTOIRE NUMERIQUE 27 device to automatically transition its state based on the evaluated spatial displacement. Consulter le mémoire ________________________________________ (11) 21158 (51) H04M 15/00 (2018.01); H04M 17/00 (2018.01); H04W 4/24 (2018.01); H04W 4/50 (2018.01) ; H04W 8/18 (2018.01) (21) 1202300024 - PCT/IB2021/057246 (22) 06/08/2021 (30) ZA n° 2020/05064 du 17/08/2020 (54) System and method for network usage product provisioning. (72) LELIS, Stelios (AE) et CHATZISTAMATIOU, Antonios (AE) (73) CHANNEL TECHNOLOGIES FZE, Jebel Ali Free Zone, office number FZJOA1813, DUBAI (AE) (74) ALEMBONG OSWALD AMIN, S/C Von Seidels Cameroon Sarl, EasyOffice Building, Centre de l'Artisanat, Carrefour Intendance, B.P. 30188, YAOUNDE (CM). (57) A system and method for network usage product provisioning are described. The method includes retrieving data points associated with a prepaid mobile subscriber including a subscriber profile 5 having been output by a data processing system retrieving and processing features relating to the prepaid mobile subscriber from one or more data stores. One of the data stores includes a category of transactional records associated with the prepaid mobile subscriber. The method includes determining subscriber eligibility for a network usage product based on the data points. The method includes, if the prepaid mobile subscriber is eligible for the network usage product, 10 interacting with an intelligent network of a mobile telephone network to provision the network usage product to an account associated with the prepaid mobile subscriber. Fig. 1 Consulter le mémoire ________________________________________ (11) 21159 (51) G06Q 40/02 (2018.01); G06Q 40/06 (2018.01) ; H04L 29/08 (2018.01) (21) 1202300026 - PCT/IB2021/056487 (22) 19/07/2021 (30) ZA n° 2020/05065 du 17/08/2020 (54) System and method for remote provision, disbursement and collection of secured loans.