About FlippingBook for Online Brochures

Well-crafted drive people’s attention and spark curiosity. They are beautiful, interactive, and fun—and we’ve designed FlippingBook to make them just that.

FlippingBook converts static PDF files into lifelike online brochures with a page flip effect. Packed with interactive elements such as videos, GIFs, pop-up images, and links, they are bound to catch your readers’ eye.

Plus, with FlippingBook they are available as direct links. This means you can share your brochure in a click via any channel you need—email, website, social media, or messenger. Just copy and paste the link or embed it into your webpage and share a brochure of any size. No attaching or downloading anything anymore.

And thanks to branding and custom design, wherever you share your brochure, people will know it’s yours at first glance.