Bulletin Officiel de la Propriété Industrielle (BOPI) des Marques de produits et des services

BOPI 13MQ/2023 DEMANDES DES MARQUES REGIONALES DE PRODUITS ET DE SERVICES SELON L’ACCORD DE BANGUI, ACTE DE 2015 54 (11) Air-conditioning installations and apparatus, including air filters for air- conditioning units; penlights; flashlights (torches); table lamps; decorative lamps; lamp shades; fog lights; incandescent lamps; light bulbs; lighting fixtures; bicycle lights; floodlights; lanterns; refrigerators, freezers; ovens; stoves; gas stoves, electric cookers; barbecue grills, ranges, microwave ovens; electric coffee machines; electric kettles; electric toasters; electric deep fryers; electric laundry or hair dryers; drying machines; water filters; drink fountains; air conditioners, electric fans for personal use; toilet seats; sterilization devices for medical use; solar collectors for heating. (12) Bicycles; motorbikes; motor scooters; electric bicycles; electric vehicles; electric scooters, namely electric scooters and skateboards; automobiles; recreational vehicles (including SUV); trucks; vans; caravans; buses; minibuses; trailers; refrigerated vehicles; motorhomes; aeroplanes; boats; hot-air balloons, airships; tires, material and kits for the repair of tires and inner tubes, tire inflation apparatus, non-skid devices for vehicle tires, namely, spikes and snow chains; wheels, wheel rims, wheel rim bands, hubcaps, tire covers; alloys for wheels; automobile accessories, namely, sun screens, roof racks, ski racks, bicycle racks, seat covers for vehicles; and cushions; car covers (vehicle accessories); headlight shields; taillight covers; spoilers; convertible tops; deflectors; sun roofs; grill guards; airbags; steering wheels; license plate holders; car security alarm systems; seat belt cushions); wing mirror covers; cars for children; prams; carpets, rugs, mats (also for cars); car dusters; tool boxes; strollers; car seats for babies or children; anti-skid chains for cars. (14) Jewellery; necklaces; precious stones; crystal jewellery; gemstones; watches; wristwatches; watch straps; clocks; wall clocks; chronographs; stopwatches, cases for watches, pendulums; medallions, pendants; brooches; bracelets, leather bracelets; silicon bracelets (jewellery); identification bracelets (jewellery); pins (jewellery); team and player trading pins (jewellery); tie clips and tie pins; cufflinks; medals; commemorative medals of precious metal; medallions, commemorative plates, trophies, statues and sculptures, all made of precious metal; decorative pins for hats of precious metal; decorative key rings; coins; medals and badges for clothing of precious metal; decorative key holders; lanyards for key holders; medallions not of precious metal; collectors' printed metal caps (pogs). (16) Money clips for holding bank notes; table cloths of paper; napkins of paper; plastic shopping bags; bags of paper; invitation cards; greeting cards; folded cardboard boxes; gift wrap; paper coasters, placemats and table sets; garbage bags of paper or plastic; food wrappers; labels of paper or cardboard; paper towels; make-up removing towelettes made of paper; boxed tissues; paper handkerchiefs; stationery and school supplies (except equipment); magnetic boards (stationery); typewriting machines; typewriting, copying, and writing paper (stationery articles); envelopes; themed pads of paper; blocks of paper; notebooks; scribble pads; binders; archiving boxes; document sleeves; book covers; bookmarks; lithographies, paintings (framed or unframed); painting pads, colouring books; drawing and activity books; luminous paper; adhesive note paper; crepe paper; tissue paper; heat transfer paper; heat sensitive paper; staples; staplers; flags of paper; pennants of paper; writing instruments; fountain pens; pencils; pens; fountain pen sets; pencil sets; porous-point pens; colouring pens; ball-point pens; broad-tip markers; ink; ink pads; rubber stamps; paint boxes; paint and colouring pencils; chalk; decorations for pencils (stationery articles); printing blocks; magazines; newspapers; books and journals, particularly dealing with athletes or sport events; printed teaching materials; schedules (for recording results); event programs; event albums; photograph albums; autograph books; address books; diaries; personal organisers; roadmaps; entry tickets; airline tickets and boarding passes; cheques; printed timetables; pamphlets and brochures; comic strips; collectable trading cards; sports trading cards; bumper stickers; stickers; sticker albums; calendars; posters; photographs; postcards; postage stamps for collectible purposes; commemorative stamp sheets; advertising signs and banners of paper or cardboard; decals; office requisites (except furniture); correction fluids; rubber erasers; pencil sharpeners; stands for writing implements; paper clips; drawing pins; rulers; adhesive tape for stationery, dispensers for adhesive tape; stencils; clip boards; notepad holders; bookends; seals [stationery]; debit cards made of paper or cardboard; credit cards (not encoded) made of