Bulletin Officiel de la Propriété Industrielle (BOPI) des Marques de produits et des services

BOPI 13MQ/2023 DEMANDES DES MARQUES REGIONALES DE PRODUITS ET DE SERVICES SELON L’ACCORD DE BANGUI, ACTE DE 2015 61 results); event programs; event albums; photograph albums; autograph books; address books; diaries; personal organisers; roadmaps; entry tickets; airline tickets and boarding passes; cheques; printed timetables; pamphlets and brochures; comic strips; collectable trading cards; sports trading cards; bumper stickers; stickers; sticker albums; calendars; posters; photographs; postcards; postage stamps for collectible purposes; commemorative stamp sheets; advertising signs and banners of paper or cardboard; decals; office requisites (except furniture); correction fluids; rubber erasers; pencil sharpeners; stands for writing implements; paper clips; drawing pins; rulers; adhesive tape for stationery, dispensers for adhesive tape; stencils; clip boards; notepad holders; bookends; seals [stationery]; debit cards made of paper or cardboard; credit cards (not encoded) made of paper or cardboard; luggage tags; passport holders; lanyards of paper for ID cards; nonmagnetic credit cards of plastic. (18) Leather and imitation leather; leather straps; umbrellas; parasols; sport bags (other than those adapted for products they are designed to contain); sport bags with wheels; leisure bags; sleeping bags; travelling bags; backpacks; totebags; schoolbags; belt-bags; handbags; leather bags; ball- shaped bags of leather; beach bags; garment bags for travel; suitcases; straps for suitcases; holdalls; briefcases of leather; document cases; vanity cases (empty); toiletry bags; key cases of leather; cases for business cards; identity card holders; luggage tags of leather; document holders; wallets; purses; cheque holders; pet clothing; collars for pets; animal leashes. (20) Mirrors; souvenir statues, statuettes, figurines, ornaments, trophies of wood, wax, plaster or plastics; number plates (non-metallic); identification cards (not of metal), badges, bracelets and key cards (not encoded), all of plastic; cushions; furniture; seats and chairs for indoor and outdoor use; bookshelves; racks (furniture); sales display stands or panels; fixed towel dispenser (non-metallic); coat hangers; fans for personal use; inflatable objects of plastic; advertising signs and banners of plastic; plastic straps; photo frames; collector's printed plastic caps (pogs); tool boxes of plastic. (21) Household or kitchen utensils and containers (non-electric); portable cooking kits for outdoor use; glass flasks (containers); mixing spoons (kitchen utensils); fruit presses, (non-electric) for household purposes; cutting boards for the kitchen; trays for domestic purposes; ice buckets; mixers; cocktail shakers; sugar bowls; tankards, mugs, cups and drinking glasses; decanters; plates and dishes, coasters, saucers, glasses; tea pots; insulated oven mitts; household gloves; corkscrews; bottle openers; beverage bottles; vacuum flasks; non-electric coolers for food and drinks; paper towel dispensers (non-metallic); combs and hairbrushes; tooth brushes; dental floss; flossing devices; interdental stimulators; statues, sculptures, figurines, ornaments and trophies terra-cotta or glass; decorative bottles for cosmetic purposes; clothes racks for drying; waste paper baskets; piggy banks (non-metallic); souvenir table plates; pet animal feeding bowls; cages for pet animals; commemorative plates (non- metallic). (24) Bed linen; sheets; quilt covers; bedspreads; pillow-cases; curtains; shower curtains; towels; dish cloths; blankets; handkerchiefs of textile; wall hangings; flags; flags for cars (not of paper); banners; pennants; table cloths made of textile; labels (cloth); hand wipes of textile; sleeping bags; sleeping bags for babies. (25) Clothing; footwear; headgear; shirts; knitted garments; jerseys, pullovers, tank-tops; T-shirts; vests; singlets; dresses; sports dresses; skirts; sports skirts; underwear; swimwear, bikinis; tankinis; bath robes; shorts; pants; sweaters; bonnets; caps; hats; scarves; headscarves; sashes for wear; shawls; visors; peaked caps; warm-up suits; sweatshirts; jackets; sports jackets; stadium jackets; blazers; rainwear; coats; uniforms; ties; wristbands; anti-sweat wristbands; headbands; gloves; aprons; bibs (not of paper); pyjamas; toddler and infant playwear; clothing for babies socks and hosiery; suspenders; belts; braces; sandals, thong sandals; athletic footwear, namely outdoor shoes, hiking shoes, basketball shoes, cross- training shoes, cycling shoes, indoor sports shoes, running and track-field shoes, flip-flops, football shoes (indoor and outdoor), football boots, canvas shoes, tennis shoes, urban sports shoes, sailing shoes, aerobic shoes; sports apparel, namely fleece tops, jogging suits, knit sportswear, sport casual pants, poloshirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, soccer-style shirts, rugby-style shirts, socks, swimwear, tights and leg warmers, tracksuits, functional underwear,