Bulletin Officiel de la Propriété Industrielle (BOPI) des Marques de produits et des services

BOPI 13MQ/2023 DEMANDES DES MARQUES REGIONALES DE PRODUITS ET DE SERVICES SELON L’ACCORD DE BANGUI, ACTE DE 2015 91 (731) Mohammad Saleh Al - Otaishan, P.O. Box 341774, RIYADH 11333 (SA) (740) FORCHAK IP & LEGAL ADVISORY, Forchak Law Firm House, No 11445 Manga William Avenue, (Former Blackwatch Ave.), Down Beach, P.O. Box 370, LIMBE (CM). ________________________________________ (210) 3202301697 (220) 23/05/2023 (511) 41 Produits ou services désignés: (41) Academies [education]; aikido instruction; amusement park services; animal training; arranging and conducting of colloquiums; arranging and conducting of concerts; arranging and conducting of conferences; arranging and conducting of congresses; arranging and conducting of entertainment events; arranging and conducting of in-person educational forums; arranging and conducting of seminars; arranging and conducting of sports events; arranging and conducting of symposiums; arranging and conducting of workshops [training]; arranging of beauty contests; boarding school education; booking of seats for shows; calligraphy services; captioning; cinema presentations / movie theatre presentations; coaching [training]; conducting fitness classes; conducting guided climbing tours; conducting guided tours; correspondence courses; cultural, educational or entertainment services provided by art galleries; directing of shows; disc jockey services; discotheque services; dubbing; e-sports services; educational examination; educational examination for users to qualify to pilot drones; educational services provided by schools; educational services provided by special needs assistants; electronic desktop publishing; entertainer services; entertainment services; escape room [entertainment] / escape game [entertainment]; face painting; film directing, other than advertising films; film distribution; film production, other than advertising films; gambling services; game services provided online from a computer network; games equipment rental; games library services; gymnastic instruction; health club services [health and fitness training];holiday camp services [entertainment]; judo instruction; karaoke services; know-how transfer [training]; language interpretation; layout services, other than for advertising purposes; lending library services; lighting technician services for events; microfilming; mobile library services / bookmobile services; modelling for artists; movie studio services; multimedia library services; music composition services; music education; news reporters services; nightclub services [entertainment]; nursery schools; online publication of electronic books and journals: orchestra services; organization of balls, organization of competitions [education or entertainment]; organization of cosplay entertainment events; organization of electronic sports competitions; organization of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; organization of fashion shows for entertainment purposes: organization of lotteries; organization of shows [impresario services]; organization of sports competitions; party planning (entertainment] personal trainer services [fitness training]: photographic imaging services by drone: photographic reporting; photography: physical education: physical fitness assessment services for training purposes; practical training [demonstration]; presentation of circus performances, presentation of live performances; presentation of variety shows; presenting museum exhibitions; production of music: production of podcasts: production of radio and television programmes; production of shows; providing amusement arcade services; providing casino facilities [gambling]; providing facilities for playing Live Action Role Playing [LARP] games; providing films, not downloadable, via video-on-demand services: providing golf facilities; providing information in the field of education; providing information in the field of entertainment: providing information relating to recreational activities; providing museum facilities; providing online electronic publications, not downloadable; providing online images, not downloadable: providing online music, not downloadable; providing online videos, not downloadable; providing online virtual guided tours: providing recreation facilities; providing sports facilities: providing television programmes, not downloadable, via video-on-demand services / providing television programs, not downloadable, via video-on-demand services; providing training and educational examination for certification purposes; providing user rankings for entertainment or cultural purposes / providing user ratings for entertainment or cultural purposes;