BOPI_15MQ2023Bulletin Officiel de la Propriété Industrielle (BOPI) des Marques de produits et de services

BOPI 15MQ/2023 DEMANDES DES MARQUES REGIONALES DE PRODUITS ET DE SERVICES SELON L’ACCORD DE BANGUI, ACTE DE 2015 26 identity software; providing non-downloadable voice recognition software; providing nondownloadable image recognition software; providing non- downloadable facial recognition software; providing non-downloadable biometric identification software; providing nondownloadable software for processing, transmitting and displaying text, data, images, audio, audio visual content, and other multimedia content; providing non-downloadable software for sending and receiving electronic messages, alerts, notifications and reminders; providing non- downloadable computer game and video game software; providing non- downloadable virtual reality software; providing non-downloadable augmented reality software; providing nondownloadable software for use in enabling computers, mobile devices, and mobile telephones to provide virtual reality and augmented reality experiences; providing nondownloadable computer software for providing geographic information, interactive maps and satellite and aerial images; providing nondownloadable computer software for facilitating commercial transactions; providing nondownloadable e-wallet software; providing online non- downloadable software for users to electronically transfer money; providing non- downloadable audio files, image files, video files, music files and multimedia content; providing nondownloadable audio and visual recordings, podcasts, books, periodicals, musical recordings, movies, films and television shows; providing virtual computer systems through cloud computing; cloud computing services; duplication of computer programs; conversion of computer programs and data (other than physical conversion); data encryption services; electronic data storage; off-site data backup; hosting multimedia and interactive applications; installation of computer software; maintenance of computer software; updating of computer software; technical support services, diagnosing and troubleshooting of computer hardware and software problems, and computer help desk services; monitoring of computer systems by remote access; monitoring of computer systems for detecting unauthorized access or data breach; monitoring of computer systems to detect breakdowns; computer virus protection services; recovery of computer data; server hosting; hosting computer websites; unlocking of mobile phones; user authentication services for online software applications; user authentication services using technology for ecommerce transactions; providing a website allowing users to preview and download electronic books, publications, and other documents; organizing content of information provided over a global computer network and other electronic and communications networks according to user preferences; weather forecasting; creating an online community for registered users to form virtual communities; virtual testing of new product designs using computer simulations; providing information, advice and consultancy relating to carbon offsetting; providing information relating to computer technology; providing information relating to computer programming; providing information relating to computer programs; providing computer hardware and software information online; scientific and technological services; industrial analysis and research services; medical research; providing a website featuring technology enabling users to upload, store, share, view and post images, audio, videos, online journals, blogs, podcasts, and multimedia content; cartography services; providing geographic information; providing online nondownloadable geographic maps; computer rental; rental of computer hardware and peripherals; rental of computer software; rental of data center facilities; rental of web servers; cryptocurrency mining; electronic monitoring of credit card activity to detect fraud via the internet; electronic monitoring of personally identifying information to detect identity theft via the internet; research and development of new products for others; research in the field of telecommunications technology; research in the field of artificial intelligence technology; providing search engines for the internet; user authentication services using blockchain technology; vehicle roadworthiness testing; quality control; chemical research; clinical trial; industrial design; interior design; dress designing; authenticating works of art; graphic arts designing; cloud seeding; handwriting analysis [graphology]; rental of meters for the recording of energy consumption; weighing of cargo for others. (540) APPLE REALITY (731) Apple Inc., One Apple Pak Way, CUPERTINO, California 95014 (US) (740) S.C.P. AKKUM, AKKUM & Associates, N°1777, Rue 6.261, Auditorium Jean Paul II, Quartier Mbankolo, B.P. 4966, YAOUNDE (CM).