Bulletin Officiel de la Propriété Industrielle (BOPI) des Marques de produits et de services

BOPI 17MQ/2023 MARQUES DE PRODUITS ET DE SERVICES 50 linoleum and other materials for covering existing floors, wall hangings, not of textile; retail and wholesale services, all in relation to games, toys and playthings, video game apparatus, gymnastic and sporting articles, decorations for Christmas trees, festive decorations and artificial Christmas trees; retail and wholesale services, all in relation to apparatus for electronic games and amusement apparatus other than those adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor, home video game machines and hand held video game machines (none being for use with television receivers), Christmas stockings, hand held unit for playing electronic games, paper party' hats, plastic party hats, paper party favours; retail and wholesale services, all in relation to meat, fish, poultry, game, artificial meat, preserved, frozen, dried and cooked fruits and vegetables, fruit sauces, bean curd, tofu, soups, soup stocks, jellies, jams, compotes, eggs, cream, milk and milk products, soya milk, milk substitutes, products made from milk substitutes, edible oils and fats, prepared nuts, dried nuts, snack food, prepared meals, pre-packed fast food; retail and wholesale services, all in relation to coffee, tea, cocoa and artificial coffee, rice, pasta and noodles, tapioca and sago, flour and preparations made from cereals, bread, pastries and confectionery, chocolate, ice cream, sorbets, edible ices, sugar, honey, treacle, yeast, bakingpowder, salt, seasonings, spices, preserved herbs, vinegar, sauces, condiments, ice [frozen water]; retail and wholesale services, all in relation to coffee substitutes, coffee-based beverages, tea leaves and tea products, tea-based beverages, cocoa powder and cocoa products, chocolatebased beverages, bakery goods, pizza, custard, mooncakes, snack bars containing a mixture of grains, nuts and dried fruit [confectionery], cookies, crackers, Chinese cakes and western style cakes, Chinese dumplings, almond flakes; retail and wholesale services, all in relation to raw and unprocessed agricultural, aquacultural, horticultural and forestry products, raw and unprocessed grains and seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, natural plants and flowers, bulbs, seedlings and seeds for planting, live animals, foodstuffs and beverages for animals, malt; retail and wholesale services, all in relation to beers, preparations for making beer, mineral and aerated waters and other nonalcoholic drinks and beverages, fruit drinks and fruit juices, syrups and other non-alcoholic preparations for making beverages, vegetables juices and vegetables beverages; retail and wholesale services, all in relation to alcoholic beverages (except beer), alcoholic preparations for making beverages, alcoholic extracts, alcoholic essences; retail and wholesale services, all in relation to tobacco and tobacco substitutes, cigarettes and cigars, electronic cigarettes and oral vaporizers for smokers, smokers' articles, matches; all of the aforementioned retail and wholesale services also provided online, through department stores or supermarkets, all also enabling customers to conveniently view and purchase these goods from a general merchandise Internet web site and in a wholesale outlet, a general merchandise catalogue by mail order or by means of telecommunications and from retail outlets; consultancy, information and advisory services relating to the aforesaid services. Class 36 : Insurance; financial affairs; monetary' affairs; real estate affairs; clearing and reconciling financial transactions via a global computer network; funds transfer services; transmission of funds by electronic means for others; transfer of payments for others via the internet; electronic banking services; online payment services; provision of electronic funds transfer services; brokerage of currency; financial transactions via blockchain; online banking services and financial services; provision of financial information via the Internet; online banking; banking services provided on-line from a computer databases or the Internet; financial clearing services; credit verification via global computer information network; electronic credit risk management services; electronic purchase payment and electronic bill payment services; information services relating to finance and insurance, provided online from a computer database or Internet; credit card services, processing and transmission of bills and payments thereof, and providing insurance for financial transactions; financial services in the nature of billing and payment processing services; safety deposit and issuing of travel vouchers services; capital investments; financial evaluation [insurance, banking, real estate]; financial and asset management services; insurance and financial services; financial services provided by telecommunication means; financial consultancy and advisory services; securities brokerage services; stock exchange quotation services;