Bulletin Officiel de la Propriété Industrielle (BOPI) des Marques de produits et de services

BOPI 17MQ/2023 MARQUES DE PRODUITS ET DE SERVICES 51 stocks and bonds brokerage, financial analysis; debit card services, charge card services and cheque guarantee services; banking, savings account and investment services; financial accounts debiting and crediting services; issuance of stored value cards, charge cards and debit cards; telephone credit cards services; arranging finance for construction projects; arrangement and management of leases and tenancy; renting and leasing of real estate; real estate appraisal; real estate valuation; real estate financing; real estate investment; real estate brokerage services; real estate agency services; housing agency services; actuarial services; real estate management and consultancy services; rent collection; rental of offices (real estate); rental of apartments and flats; agency for collection of gas and electricity fees; antique appraisal; art appraisal; jewellery appraisal; used car appraisal; tax information supply; charitable fund raising; organizing of charitable collections; charitable collections; rental of paper money and coin counting or processing machines; rental of cash dispensers or automated-teller machines; issuing of vouchers; cash dispensing services; provision of prepaid cards and tokens; monetary exchange services; money transfer services; foreign currency transfer services; foreign currency exchange; currency trading; currency dealing; charitable fundraising; provision of charitable fundraising services in relation to carbon offsetting; brokerage of carbon offsets; sponsorship of carbon offset programmes; funding of and investment in emissions reduction projects; investment in carbon offset programmes and projects; investment in emissions reduction funds; provision of loans; providing temporary loans; including all of the aforementioned services provided by electronic means; consultancy, information and advisory services relating to the aforesaid services. Class 38 : Telecommunications; telecommunication services, namely, data transmission and reception services via telecommunication networks; providing webbased multimedia teleconferencing, videoconferencing, and online meeting services that allow simultaneous and asynchronous viewing, sharing, editing, and discussion of documents, data, and images by participants via a web browser; providing customers with online access to online reports regarding the performance, effectiveness, and status of webbased applications, teleconferences, videoconferences, and meetings; providing users with secure remote access via the Internet to private computer networks; providing online collaboration services allowing users to access applications, platforms, jointly-shared documents, data, task lists, and discussion forums; providing access to computer database on the global computer network for searching and retrieving information, data, web sites and resources available on computer networks; providing user access to a computer database containing electronic publications, bulletin boards, database and information accessible via computer; operation of chat rooms (chat room services); multiple user access to global computer information networks for the transfer and dissemination of a wide range of information; providing access to a website on a global computer network by which third parties can offer goods and services, place and fulfill orders, enter into contracts and transact business; providing access to an interactive website on a global computer network for third parties to post information, respond to requests and place and fulfill orders for products, services and business opportunities; electronic communication services for establishing virtual chatrooms via text messaging; providing electronic bulletin boards for the posting and transmission of messages among and between computer users concerning products, services and business leads and opportunities; providing an online interactive bulletin board for the posting, promotion, sale and resale of items via a global computer network; providing electronic mail and electronic mail forwarding services; audio and video communication via computers and computer networks, and via a global communications network; providing computer access and leasing access time to online interactive bulletin boards and databases; providing access to electronic bulletin boards for the posting and transmission of messages among and between computer users concerning products, services and business opportunities; providing access to electronic calendar, address book and electronic notebook, via local and global computer networks; providing direct connection services between computer users for exchanging data; provision of telecommunication access and links to computer databases and to the internet; Internet broadcasting services; providing an online database of information regarding web-based